At Oshawa Sand   Gravel Supply we carry a large assorment of products. To get more information on any of our products simply click on the + to view the full item in that category.

  • Dust   Chips

    Natural screenings used under interlocking brick and patio slabs.

  • Sand Fill

    Used as backfill around houses, septic beds.

  • Riverstone

    1"-3" mix, 4"-6" mix, decorative round stone used for landscaping.

    Regular Riverstone

    4-6 Inch Riverstone

  • Cement Gravel

    Also known as granular A. This product is a mixture of sand and 3/4 stone that is used as a base for interlock as well as in the mixing of concrete.

  • 3/4 Natural Stone

    3/4 inch stone that is used for drainage in new foundations and around weeping tile. It is more rounded than the 3/4 limestone and is therefore easier to shovel.

  • Limestone
    3/4 Crusher Run Limestone
    Driveway topcoat, compactable, standard "new home" driveways have this material.
    HL6 Limestone
    3/8 to 5/8 in size, drainage stone, also used as driveway topcoat.
    3/4 Clear Limestone
    Used under concrete in construction, for weeping tile, for drainage.
    Limestone Screenings
    Used under interlocking brick and patio slabs.

    3/4 Limestone

    Limestone Screening

    3/4 Crusher Run

    HL6 Limestone

  • Peastone

    This is a small round stone that is used in childrens' playgrounds and for roofing.

  • Screened Topsoil
    Screened Topsoil
    Screened topsoil is a soil that goes through a screening process to eliminate rocks etc.
    Triple Mix Topsoil
    Triple mix topsoil is our screened topsoil mixed with compost from the Durham Region green bin waste. This is an excellent product for gardens and lawns.
    Compost Topsoil
    Compost is a product made from the green bin waste. Its a great product to mix with existing soil that you already have. Mix it into gardens, flower beds and even use it to top dress your lawn.
  • 1" Septic Stone

    This product is used in the construction of septic beds.

  • High Performance Bedding

    This a tiny clear stone chip that is used in place of screenings . It is used underneath patio slabs and interlock brick, It does not require compaction, which is a huge advantage because there is no need to rent equipment.

  • Brick Sand

    Clean sand, mixes with mortar for laying brick, underneath pool liners, in sand boxes.

  • Recycled Concrete

    We crush concrete into ¾ crush. This product can be used as a base for driveways and landscape projects.